Life as a parent

Anna Quindlen on motherhood

1 October 2010
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Today’s brain food is about the sisterhood of moms – the sisterhood that knows the wondrous joy and dark lows, the fog-headed sleeplessness, the constant company of little people in the bathroom, the desperate need for Five Minutes of Silence, Please. For those of us who have made it through the trial by fire of […]

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On loss: Maria Shriver and Susan Saint James

29 August 2010
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It is a sign of a good life to have much to lose. I’ve been lucky – I have my parents, my husband, my children, a large extended family and many longtime friends. But as I approach midlife, I feel acutely the inevitability of losing people that I love. An abundance of love is a […]

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When to start kindergarten?

19 August 2010
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In retrospect, I should have had all my kids in January. That would have made kindergarten decisions so much easier. Thirty years ago when I was a kid, skipping grades was all the rage. Newspapers featured articles on the youngest kids to finish college. Being a child prodigy – or having one – was much […]

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My phantom life

20 July 2010
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My old life…the one before kids.  It’s long gone.  Past denial, past anger (years), past depression (more years), even past acceptance (relief at last).  For a long time it haunted me – my phantom life of being an independent person – a person without dependents.

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80 digits (40 pictured)

19 July 2010
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Like many jobs around the house, cutting the kids’ fingernails and toenails is one that falls to me by default.  Perhaps because it is such a thankless task, I avoid it as long as I can.  Then someone gets inadvertently clawed, and with a guilty conscience I line them up for the overdue trim.  During […]

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The hole picture

18 July 2010
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For nine years I’ve had a baby in the house, and it’s all ending in a few weeks when my youngest turns 2. I wish I could bottle the pure happiness of babyhood, the freedom of being entirely unselfconscious – and sprinkle it back on my kids on the inevitable tough days of adolescence. I […]

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A sinking feeling

18 July 2010
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Q: What does a drowning person look like? A: Not much different from a person treading water. No wonder that so many children drown with adults close by. Coast Guard Marine Safety Specialist Mario Vittone wrote a post, entitled Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning, on his blog earlier this year. Due to the body’s instinctive […]

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