Getting older

Connecting the dots

21 May 2011
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I wish that House MD from the long-running TV show were my real doctor: he’d start with my stated problem, notice symptoms didn’t even know I had, investigate my lifestyle, diet, home environment and personal history, write out all the possible causes on a large blackboard, systematically evaluate each one and come up with the […]

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Food or foe?

10 March 2011
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I’ve become afraid of food. My lifelong eczema has become much worse, and I’ve finally admitted that the persistent red rash is my body screaming that it does not like something I am putting into it. I used to be able to soothe away the redness, with prescription creams or any number of natural remedies […]

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New year

5 February 2011
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It’s February, and I’m still trying to shake my new year’s angst. I made a single resolution this year – to get more sleep – and I think I liked life better when I was too exhausted to focus on the big picture. This is the first time in 10 years that I haven’t been […]

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Bringing back fun

14 October 2010
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Somewhere along the way, I lost fun. It’s now on my to-do list. If you’d told me at age 20 that someday I’d have to schedule fun, I’d have thought you were nuts. It took me days even to come up with three things that sounded fun. I had to return to childhood to remember. […]

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The end of the beginning

25 August 2010
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Tonight I was companionably cooking dinner with my six year old when she served up one of those statements that makes parents realize that the bright bubble of childhood innocence that they have cherished, marveled at and protected since their baby was born can no longer contain their growing offspring: I wish we didn’t have […]

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