Chinese mothers

14 January 2011
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Many friends have sent me the article by Amy Chua in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” asking what I think of it. For those of you who have not read the article, Yale law professor Chua writes about her experience raising her two daughters in the stereotypical Chinese fashion: command-and-control, […]

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Gift ideas for school-aged kids

3 December 2010
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It gets harder to make general gift recommendations as kids grow older and their tastes more defined. I’ll share some fun finds from my research for my own two school-aged kids, boy and girl, and for their their many cousins and friends. As with the preschool kids, I have categories Pretend, Create, Learn and Move […]

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Gift ideas for preschoolers

2 December 2010
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Preschoolers are at the golden age for gifts – old enough to appreciate them and young enough to like just about anything. But choices out there are endless, and it’s all too easy to end up with a house full of abandoned toys. Here are my ideas for toys that last, in five categories: pretend, […]

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The rush is on…holiday gift ideas

29 November 2010
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Rolling out of Thanksgiving weekend, I thought we’d take a break from food this week to tackle holiday gifts. With four kids of my own, plus nine nieces and nephews, I’ve done a whole lot of gift buying for infants through teens, and the chinese grandma in me has to research the bejeezus out of […]

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Choosing schools

13 November 2010
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All I want for my kids is a good public education. I’m trying to figure out what that is, where it can be found and what are the alternatives if it no longer exists. Public schools – State comparisons Public school rankings are tricky in a nation whose public school system has been struggling for […]

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Standing up

5 November 2010
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Just read something I had to pass along – a mom in Missouri wrote a post about her preschool son dressing up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. It’s a brilliant story about standing up for your kids, but it’s also about saving childhood for free imagination. Grade school is already a stinging awakening […]

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1 November 2010
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You’d think that now that I’m out of the paid workforce, I should be free of the Monday blahs. Every day has the same cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving and piles of paperwork, and since I have two in school, you’d think Mondays might even be a relief from the all-the-kids-all-the-time clamor on the weekends. But […]

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30 October 2010
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I take photographs so I don’t forget moments like these. My first Halloween as a mom, and this dear, silly, doggie moment – like much of that sleepless year – would have disappeared from my memory if I hadn’t captured it with my first little Canon Elph digital camera. The person-ghost is my banana bread/scone […]

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Anna Quindlen on motherhood

1 October 2010
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Today’s brain food is about the sisterhood of moms – the sisterhood that knows the wondrous joy and dark lows, the fog-headed sleeplessness, the constant company of little people in the bathroom, the desperate need for Five Minutes of Silence, Please. For those of us who have made it through the trial by fire of […]

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On loss: Maria Shriver and Susan Saint James

29 August 2010
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It is a sign of a good life to have much to lose. I’ve been lucky – I have my parents, my husband, my children, a large extended family and many longtime friends. But as I approach midlife, I feel acutely the inevitability of losing people that I love. An abundance of love is a […]

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