Maple vanilla Greek yogurt

2 April 2013
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Winter’s apples and oranges are languishing in my fruit bowl now that strawberries are back. We’ve been celebrating early-season berries with strawberry oatmeal shortcakes with maple vanilla sour cream. But lately I’m using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, which has broadened the concept from a dessert topping to an anytime indulgence. Even when the […]

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Buttermilk scones with chocolate chips and citrus zest

20 December 2012
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I’m a cream scone evangelist (I’ve written about them twice!), but whenever I have extra buttermilk on hand I like to make these classic buttermilk scones. I love buttermilk for baking – it brings great moistness without the heaviness of butter or cream. The original scones from Scotland were made of unleavened oats and cooked […]

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Fruit smoothie

29 August 2012
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I am a chronic over-buyer of fruit at any time of year, but in the summertime I really go crazy. In our large household, the best fruit disappears the minute I cut it, leaving only sticky fingers. But when fruit gets overripe or just plain tired, I pile it into the blender with juice, milk […]

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No-cook overnight oatmeal

8 March 2012
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My school kids had state testing this week, so I made an extra effort to feed them a good breakfast. We love steel-cut oatmeal, but the 30-minute cook time can be prohibitive on a rushed weekday morning. This week I tried something new – before bed, I put oats and water in a pot, brought […]

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Tea eggs

7 January 2012
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I’m relieved it’s January. I love the spirit of holiday season, but I’m thrilled to leave the holiday pressures of gifts and travel behind. Though there’s a lot of winter ahead, we are inching our way into longer days. I felt wistful as December closed, but January brings fresh hope. I enjoyed Christmas cookies for […]

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Creamier scones

22 December 2011
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It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but after making 400 scones for teachers and neighbors in the last two days, I’ve realized something important: more cream is better. Turns out it’s much safer to start with a moister dough and add flour as needed than risk a dry scone. The magic of these cream scones […]

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French toast

8 January 2011
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French toast always reminds me of living in New York City, where for many years a weekend tradition was challah french toast with strawberries at our friendly neighborhood diner, Pier 72 on the Upper West Side. Golden brown and crispy on the outside, soft and creamy in the center, it is still the ideal I […]

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Bacon in the oven

5 January 2011
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The easiest way to cook bacon is in the oven. I’m talking real bacon here, not the precooked microwaveable stuff for people that want to eat bacon but don’t want the bother of cooking it. Cooking bacon in the oven is so easy – no fuss, no turning, no splatters of hot oil on hands […]

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90-minute cinnamon rolls

28 December 2010
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Life might be better if we started each day with a freshly baked cinnamon roll. First the heavenly smell of homemade bread in the oven, mixed with the spice of cinnamon. Then the anticipation of seeing the hot tray of tightly packed, toasty golden rolls, oozing a butter and brown sugar caramel. Finally a steamy […]

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Easy brunch: Egg, cheese and sausage strata

21 December 2010
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I love having people over for dinner, but too often I don’t actually sit down and eat with them. Brunch is a different story. Kids can help themselves to bagels, scones and fruit, and adults can dig into this savory egg, cheese and sausage strata. I make it the night before, and all I have […]

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