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Remembering bread

15 February 2013 Diet
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I have a beef with Starbucks, and it’s not about coffee – I’m a tea drinker – it’s about bread. My favorite bread, an old-school, Poilane-like whole wheat levain called pain Pascal at Trader Joe’s, has disappeared, and it turns out Starbucks is responsible for taking away one of the few breads I feel entirely […]

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Stan’s Donuts

23 August 2011 Food
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When we travel back to California, the kids practically sprint out of bed and into the car on the first morning to go to Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara. Since we’ve been in Ohio, we’ve tried every doughnut place within a reasonable driving distance, from doughnut chains to local bakeries to Amish doughnuts from the […]

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Greek salad

19 August 2011 Food
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Greek salad is desert-island food for me – so essentially comforting and nourishing I would gladly eat it for the rest of my hot and solitary days. With the cool green crispness of cucumber, the warm red juiciness of tomato, the dark glossy brininess of olive, and the bright white softness of feta cheese, Greek […]

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Minty lemonade

4 August 2011 Beverages
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Before there was Silicon Valley, there was an expanse of blossoming fruit trees known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. A local hardware chain, the aptly named Orchard Supply Hardware, began in 1931 as a farmers’ cooperative. Mountain View is now home to Google and a hub of Silicon Valley activity, but in a 1995 […]

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