Lessons from Dave

21 February 2014
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My dad lived a quiet life and died a short, quiet death. My father-in-law Dave lived a bright, lively life, and when he died after long years of decline, hundreds of people came to remember the good doctor that had befriended them, healed them, gave them comfort, made them laugh. Everyone has their personal reality-distortion […]

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The perils of marrying too well

16 September 2011
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When I married the perfect man a dozen years ago, I felt pretty smart for not messing up the biggest decision of my life. He was and is intelligent, interesting, kind and funny. What I didn’t foresee was one small drawback: he kind of makes me look bad.

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How marriage is like pot roast

20 July 2010

I once saw a marriage psychologist named Joshua Coleman (bless his heart, he wrote a book called The Lazy Husband) give a talk about the difference between men’s and women’s expectations of marriage.  Women want companionship, a life partner, security, et al.  But what do men want?  Two simple things (one easier than another to […]

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