Ginger lemon honey mint tea

21 April 2016
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I’m just back from New York City for the kids’ spring break, and it was like gulping at the spring of life for a few glorious days – food food and food, miles of walking, brisk clear springtime and long-missed friends. My soul is refilled. I don’t know if it’s the travel home or just […]

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Fresh citrus sangria

5 February 2015
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Why not sangria in February? This is peak season for the sweetest, juiciest citrus fruits, and I have an orange pile of Valencias, navels, clementines, tangelos and blood oranges on my countertop, plus smooth Meyer lemons and heavy grapefruit. We had a springlike January here, and sangria seemed like an appropriate salute to the winter […]

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Watermelon agua fresca

2 October 2014
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If, like me, you wistfully bought a watermelon recently, because it’s still warm where you live and you’re in denial about the sun setting earlier each day, only to find that the watermelon was only holding up a good face on the outside but inside its wan and pale flesh knows that summer is truly […]

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Fresh grapefruit tonic

23 January 2014
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This refresher is a crisp palate cleanser for January: citrusy, aromatic, gently fizzy, pleasantly bitter and lightly sweet. A drab time of year for most fruit, winter is the time to drink in citrus in its juicy prime. As much as I love the uncomplicated sweetness of oranges and tangerines, the intriguing edge of grapefruit […]

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Fresh ginger ale with basil

18 July 2013
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I’m not a soda drinker, but I can’t resist the homemade ginger ale with fresh mint at Northstar Cafe in Columbus: spicy, sparkly and just the thing to cut through the summer steam. So I’ve started to make my own simple ginger syrup at home so I can call up a fresh one – spiked […]

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Mango Bellini

31 December 2012
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It’s funny that I’ve featured several beverages here recently, when normally I’m a very boring water drinker. I love the idea of cocktails, but usually I’m so busy with food I can’t fuss with drinks. My friend Lisa – who is never boring – inspired me when she came over with ingredients not just for […]

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Banana nog

12 December 2012
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Some of my kids can’t get over the idea of drinking raw egg in eggnog, even after I tell them that eggnog is like ice cream in liquid form. I would love to make fresh eggnog with them, as I did with my mom’s rotary metal eggbeater when I was a kid, but bacterial contamination […]

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Cranberry tea

29 November 2012
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There was something familiar about the ruby, warming cranberry tea my little brother made for Thanksgiving. As I sipped it, I could picture it being made – fresh cranberries simmering in water with cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange and lemon juice. For an instant I imagined I’d developed magical culinary insight. My brother looked at me […]

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Fruit smoothie

29 August 2012
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I am a chronic over-buyer of fruit at any time of year, but in the summertime I really go crazy. In our large household, the best fruit disappears the minute I cut it, leaving only sticky fingers. But when fruit gets overripe or just plain tired, I pile it into the blender with juice, milk […]

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Fresh herb tea

12 August 2011
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Herbal teas in a bag can taste musty to me, but teas made with fresh herbs have a bright garden greenness that I love. This summer I’ve been enjoying fresh mint, always a tongue-tingling delight, as well as lemongrass and lemon verbena. I adore my black tea in the morning, but in the evenings a […]

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