Chocolate chip cookie cake

27 April 2017
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Instead of birthday cake, my boys love a giant chocolate chip cookie cake. Their friends always love it too, but I’m never satisfied with the recipe. Like the oversized cookie that it is, its edges are golden and crispy all around, while the center is soft and gooey. In a regular cookie, you get all […]

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Comfort in pancakes (banana chocolate chip)

11 November 2016
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When I’m stressed, I don’t want a beer, I want a bakery. Or to bake something. Science backs me up on this: sugar reduces the stress hormone cortisol in our systems (don’t try to substitute fake sugar, it doesn’t have the same effect). Even before eating, the warm olfactory combination of flour, butter and sugar […]

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S’mores cookies

27 January 2015
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What does it say about me that out of an excellent, accessible cookbook of family dinner ideas, the only recipes I’ve made are cookies? Huh. I guess my nerves are a little frayed. This blog is better than therapy. I’ve been going through boxes of stuff – dregs from our own move, plus a fresh […]

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Texas sheet cake

28 February 2014
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Texas sheet cake – moist and brownie-like – is one of the few frosted cakes I make, because even I cannot mess it up. Regular frosted cakes are an avalanche of catastrophes for me: layers not cooled enough, frosting pulling off crumbs, me desperately picking out lumps while making a bigger and bigger sticky mess. […]

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Chocolate caramel matzoh

29 March 2012
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My windows are open today in central Ohio, and I’m breathing in spring. My crew at home has weathered pneumonia, a sinus infection, two eye infections, laryngitis and a molar extraction since my last post. Spring break in California was mostly rainy, but one sunny afternoon the six of us made up half the crowd […]

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Nutella banana crepes

25 September 2011
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I wonder why more people don’t make crepes at home. Maybe the French name implies some kind of mysteriously intimidating technique. But really crepes are as easy to make as pancakes and so much more versatile. Fill it like an omelette with savory fillings such as cheese, meat, vegetables. Or, if your inclinations run sweet, […]

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Chocolate pie

14 February 2011
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My husband’s birthday falls within days of his dad’s and his brother’s birthdays, so rather than having three cakes in a week, my husband has always opted for an old-fashioned chocolate pie. This pudding pie isn’t fancy, it’s rich, chocolatey comfort food: simple to make – milk, eggs, cornstarch, chocolate – and oh, so good. […]

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Hot fudge sauce

19 December 2010
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My mother-in-law’s hot fudge sauce is deep, dark chocolate in lava form. During holiday season she loves to serve it over cinnamon or peppermint ice cream. I dip out a spoonful in a bowl as a rich chocolate fondue for strawberries, banana slices or pretzels. There are different approaches to hot fudge. This particular sauce […]

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Derby pie (chocolate pecans & bourbon oh my)

23 November 2010
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It’s not too late for you to make this crunchy, gooey, chocolatey pie for Thanksgiving. Just buy a pie crust, and the rest is piece of cake…er, pie. Every December my extended in-laws celebrate the delivery of derby pie from their friend Libbie. And each year they jostle over every last crumb. Pie crusts are […]

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The best chocolate cake (in five minutes!)

4 October 2010
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This is the ultimate chocolate cake, outrageously good, outrageously easy…and did I say outrageously good? This moist, dark chocolate cake is the recipe I would pick if forced to forsake all other baked yummies for the rest of my days. It’s an old fashioned cake – not refined, not fudgy, not mousse-y – just rich […]

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