Simplest soy-glazed fish

23 January 2018
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My favorite easy fish preparation is also a perfect January recipe. It ticks all the new years resolution boxes: Cook at home! Be healthier! Eat more fish! Lose weight! My husband swears he always loses weight after we have fish for dinner, even if he’s stuffed after the meal. We all know fish is great […]

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Kung pao (gong bao) shrimp

1 March 2013
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I love my mom. After a week away from the house, she does not for one second contemplate toast for dinner. She washes rice for the rice cooker, throws some frozen shrimp in a bowl of cold water, scavenges bits of onion, carrot and cabbage from the near-empty refrigerator. After a fragrant stir fry with […]

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Shrimp with tomato, lemon, feta and parsley

2 August 2012
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This gorgeous shrimp dish deserves a standout name – one that conveys its steamy appeal, the freshness of its delectable sauce, its reassuring simplicity in preparation. Sort of a lazy cook’s bouillabaisse, this bright tomato stew offers the sunny Mediterranean flavors of lemon, feta and parsley. It’s as easy to make a half-pound of shrimp […]

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Shrimp tacos with tomato and cilantro

14 June 2011
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For me, buying herbs at the store invariably conflicts with one of two fundamental chinese grandma principles: 1) be frugal or 2) don’t waste. Fresh herbs either come in a preciously tiny package that seems needlessly overpriced or in a huge bunch that never gets used up before it becomes a slimy mess in the […]

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Pasta salad with tuna, celery and olives

18 April 2011
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This fresh, easy pasta salad has been a lunchtime favorite of mine for years. My lifelong friend Edie dropped off an enormous bowl of it after I had a baby, and I enjoyed it for days and immediately set about making more. Combining crisp bits of celery and onion with earthy flakes of tuna and […]

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Simply teriyaki

8 October 2010
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When I cook fish at home, it’s usually this – salmon grilled under the broiler with a generous glaze of this gorgeous and remarkably easy to make teriyaki sauce. This is a bona fide Japanese grandma recipe (from my cousin’s mother-in-law, may she rest in peace), and it’s a favorite in my family. The sauce […]

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