Process of elimination

23 October 2015
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I’ll never be cured of the eczema that has plagued me since birth, but I’m as close to normal as I have ever been. For six weeks I’ve cut out sugar, wheat and rice from my diet, and although I’m jonesing for toast and jam, I have to admit I’m less itchy than I’ve been […]

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Connecting the dots

21 May 2011
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I wish that House MD from the long-running TV show were my real doctor: he’d start with my stated problem, notice symptoms didn’t even know I had, investigate my lifestyle, diet, home environment and personal history, write out all the possible causes on a large blackboard, systematically evaluate each one and come up with the […]

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Food or foe?

10 March 2011
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I’ve become afraid of food. My lifelong eczema has become much worse, and I’ve finally admitted that the persistent red rash is my body screaming that it does not like something I am putting into it. I used to be able to soothe away the redness, with prescription creams or any number of natural remedies […]

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1 January 2011
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I hate taking medicine and will put up with a lot of pain to avoid it. I’ve made it through natural childbirth four times. Wisdom teeth removal was no challenge. But I’ve finally met my match: it’s called shingles, and it’s like a thousand tiny ninjas are jabbing their thousand tiny, poison-laced knives into my […]

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