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My dream kitchen, part 2

17 August 2010

By popular request from my kitchen-planning friends at the GardenWeb forums, I took a few more pictures and drafted a floor plan of the kitchen. Above, the rest of the great room, as seen from the kitchen.

The entire room is approximately 21’x43′. At one end is the kitchen. In the center is a dining table that seats 12 (it’s wide enough that two can sit at the head and foot). The other end is the living room area.

There is also a 16’x16′ sun room attached to one side of the great room. We have built-in bench seating along two walls and another dining table. When we have family over, there’s 10 adults and 13 kids, so the idea was kids in the sun room and adults at the dining table. We also thought our nuclear family of six would eat in the sunroom for regular meals. But what happens in real life is that everyone sits at the island, because I’m generally on my feet through dinner.

Here’s the sun room as seen from across the room (I’m standing approximately where you enter the great room):

Here’s a closer view of the sun room:

I drew out my kitchen layout with measurements. If you want a pdf, post me a comment here, and I’ll be happy to email it to you. It’s pretty much to scale, with 1 cm=1 ft.

When I drew up the floor plan, I realized there was one more view of the kitchen you don’t have, with the refrigerator and microwave:

For those of you who didn’t see the first dream kitchen post, you can find it here.

Happy planning!

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