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Why I let my kids eat all the Halloween candy they want

31 October 2011

Am I crazy? Or crazy like a fox? Here’s why I let my kids eat all the Halloween candy they want:

  1. Kids get way too much Halloween candy, and this is my way of getting rid of it early. If I doled out one or two pieces at a time, they’d still be hoarding a stash in March. (As for sneaking some into the trash – they’d know.)
  2. The fourth piece of candy never tastes as good as the first. I put out a trash bag and tell the kids to toss anything they don’t like. The more they eat, the less they like, the more gets tossed. Sweets that get parceled out slowly will always be more delicious for their scarcity.
  3. Too much candy gives you a stomachache. Kids don’t believe this until they’ve experienced it.
  4. Kids learn good lessons about self-control, excessive behavior, and instant vs delayed gratification. To me, giving them an opportunity to learn fundamental life lessons is worth putting up with a few hours of sugar-fueled mania.
  5. It’s good for me as a parent to practice letting go. When the kids leave home, they’ll have to make their own decisions and accept the consequences. Starting this lesson with candy is harmless compared with tougher situations ahead.
  6. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a small amount of candy every day is a sure ticket to the dentist. A few days of sugar excess is less damaging to the kids’ dental health.
  7. Kids love having one day to indulge with abandon. It’s Halloween, after all, and childhood is brief.

What do you think? What do you do?

Happy Halloween, everyone! Stay warm out there.

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