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1 November 2010

You’d think that now that I’m out of the paid workforce, I should be free of the Monday blahs. Every day has the same cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving and piles of paperwork, and since I have two in school, you’d think Mondays might even be a relief from the all-the-kids-all-the-time clamor on the weekends. But I take a mental break from my endless to-do list on the weekends, so I still wake up on Mondays thinking “Ugh.”

I thought maybe we could help each other out by sharing some smiles on Mondays. What do you think? I’ll get the party started…

I have a couple of sillies today from my four year old, who is all boy – full of trouble and plenty of charm to get him out of it. I’ve always thought that four was my favorite age for kids. When my little brother was four (I was fourteen) he was so cute I wanted him to stay four forever, and I actually remember four being one of my own favorite years as a kid. But in my household right now, four sounds like a lot of yelling (not all of it mine). Still, when he’s not being a pill, my little guy is pretty funny.

Out of the darkness of bedtime the other night, he suddenly got all excited and said, “I like boxing because you get to hit the other guy in the face.” (Turns out he was thinking of some sports game on the Wii, which was only marginally less disturbing.)

He has problems getting to the bathroom in time these days, so much so that he ends each day smelling like the homeless people I remember from pre-Giuliani New York City. Last night my husband, trying to head off problems, said to him, “Come on, let’s go to the potty. You haven’t been in a while.” My four year old protested indignantly, “But Dad…I haven’t even gone in my pants yet!”

By the way, my sincere thanks to all you lovely people for reading this blog and sharing it with your friends. My sister-in-law mentioned the other day that my site was the first search result on google when she entered “chinese grandma.” Sure enough, it’s true. I’m ahead of how to say grandma in Chinese and the 100 year old Chinese woman who is sprouting a goat horn from her forehead. Of course, it’s not as if “chinese grandma” is a hugely popular search phrase, so this is a small achievement. But I’m really happy to know that some wonderful people out there are reading. So thank you!

Anyone else with silliness to share? I would love some Monday fun.

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