Discovery Friday

22 July 2011

The kids and I braved the bees to harvest some of the blooming lavender in our yard. Every time the scent wafts by, I want to close my eyes and go to sleep. The kids appear to be immune to lavender’s soothing aromatherapy effect, but they are more than pleased by their scissors-wielding handiwork.

This is the summer for cold-brew iced coffee or tea: cold water + coffee grounds or tea bags + 12 hours + a glass of ice = a perfect iced beverage. It takes a little advance planning, but you’ll get your caffeine fix without the heat. It’s easy, foolproof and by all accounts the best-tasting method for brewing iced coffee. Cold-brew tea also makes a clear tea, whereas hot-brewed teas that are then chilled can be cloudy. Links for recipes:

Did you know you can use a mason jar as a blender jar? I haven’t had a chance to try it yet – I have a million mason jars in Ohio but none in storage-constrained California. This tip from Simply Recipes is one of the coolest tricks I’ve seen. Who knew?

Another great tip from Simply Recipes: storing fresh herbs like cut flowers – in a cup with some water.

When I get to the farmers market, I’m getting some snap peas and radishes to try this fantastic-looking salad from Lottie and Doof.

It’s been a nagging mystery to me for years: why do all my t-shirts get tiny holes near the hem? This week I was tickled to see Delicious Days chronicling her effort to solve the same mystery. Her conclusion was that friction between the metal button on her jeans and her kitchen countertops was causing the tiny tears in the t-shirt fabric, and her solution is to tuck her shirt in, wear an apron and stop leaning into the countertops.

At first I was excited that an apron might save my raggedy t-shirt problem. But later I had an epiphany. It’s not my kitchen countertops – it’s my kids. Wriggling, struggling little kids “climbing” up on mommy, often with shoes, straining my thin t-shirt fabric against the metal of my jeans button. Aside from tucking in my shirts (not happening), I guess my solution is to accept the t-shirt holes – along with sagging sofa cushions and perpetual crumbs on the floor – until the kids are bigger. Maybe then I’ll get an apron.

In the meantime, I’ll stick with my jeans and holey t-shirts, peacefully breathing in that gorgeous-smelling lavender.

Happy weekend!

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