two year birthday

Two years old

20 July 2012

Funny as it sounds, Chinese Grandma is two years old. This time last year I was really excited that I’d logged 100 posts during my first year, sharing my go-to recipes, favorite gift ideas and the chinese grandma philosophy of communal life wisdom. Last year was a tough one for me personally, and as a result I wasn’t as productive here. But I am grateful as ever to have this community in my life, and I feel incomplete if a week goes by without sending some love – usually in the form of food – out to you.

I’m so pleased that many of you found me this year via The Kitchn, either from managing editor Faith Durand‘s tour of my kitchen or from her review of “My favorite balsamic vinaigrette.” I’m tickled to have done my small part – thanks to Faith – in encouraging the world to eat more vegetables.

This year’s favorite recipes include many of last year’s picks:

I love the enthusiasm for my mom’s beef noodle soup and tea eggs. I’ll have more recipes from my mom’s delicious kitchen this year, as we are moving in with my mom while we fix up a place in California. She usually cooks without measuring, so I’ll be shadowing her to learn and share her secrets with you.

And while I could not choose my favorite comments – I appreciate hearing from you every single time – I want to send special thanks to Leo for telling me that my chicken adobo recipe had brought back memories of his late father, who during years of moving around in the Coast Guard had friends over for chicken adobo everywhere he went. And to Lingling for calling me “my Julia Child” and telling me her Chinese mother is “stunned by my sudden proficiency and creativity in the kitchen.” You guys made me smile.

Thanks to those of you who wrote to share your own battles with eczema and solutions that worked for you. And thanks for sharing your variations on recipes so that everyone can benefit.

I adore my proofreading team out there. Please let me know when I have a technical error or inconsistency (thanks to AeriS for letting me know when I haven’t spelled out teaspoons or tablespoons). After I had a minor hacking problem early this year, I’ve noticed some pages have funny characters or pictures don’t show up. If you have problems on any of my pages, please let me know and I will fix them immediately.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who wrote to express condolences for the death of my sweet dad. I started to reply to you individually many times but couldn’t. As my mom says, “I’m ok until people ask me how I’m doing.” Please just know how very touched I am to each of you for reaching out.

And for the winners of this year’s blogiversary celebration prizes:

Alexandra wins the Frog Hollow Conserve Trio and KathieB wins the Badger Anti-Bug Balm! Thanks to all for participating.

Year 3 will be a time of transition for me – back to California after three years in Ohio, plus living at my mom’s house for the first time since high school (this time with a husband and four kids!). Last year it was hard to eat while my dad could not. But life goes on. Our great friends are coming to visit Ohio with their four kids tomorrow, and my mom is here. So it’s all about food and love in my dream kitchen as we’ll be feeding 13 for the next week. And I am glad.

Thank you all for being here. I’m excited for another year together.

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Lisa Yuen 10 August 2012 at 5:30 pm

Augh. She is so precious and lovely. I can stare at this photo for hours.


Barbara Brengel 11 April 2013 at 6:12 pm

Hi Lilian, I was Googling for a wonderful balsamic dressing and up came the Kitchn and I clicked on to your space, and poof, there you were. I feel like I found a little bit of Heaven in just coming into your “being space.” First, your daughter’s million dollar smile will light up many a face in her lifetime. It is truly infectious! Second, the dressing is fabulous, will never make it any other way. I wish you many happy present moments for all the joy you give your readers, including this new one.


cg 15 April 2013 at 1:14 am

hi barbara – you are too kind. thanks so much for taking the time to write!


Rae 23 May 2014 at 1:51 pm

Hi again – I felt like a pedant when I noticed this, but since you mentioned proofreading in this post specifically…. you should know what what you’ve been calling slivered almonds are actually sliced almonds. Slivered almonds are cut in two directions so they’re little columns.


Love the blog, love the recipes.


cg 24 May 2014 at 3:10 pm

hi rae – you are right, of course! now i need to go searching for my almond references…i too am a believer in precision (with language of course – in cooking i’m all about using what you’ve got!). thanks for the pedantic comment, i appreciate it. =)


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