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Summer hack: fruit stain removal

1 June 2016
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June is freaking me out. I’m a week away from being the parent of a high schooler. The two minor graduations we have next week – middle school and elementary – are reminders that in four years our household count will start shrinking. My heart hurts just thinking about it. It sounds silly that end […]

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Kitchen hack: Cleaning the kettle

13 May 2015
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Hard water is not so much a people issue (studies indicate that high mineral levels are more likely a health benefit than hazard), it’s just a plumbing nuisance. Cold water isn’t a problem, but when water gets heated, carbon dioxide in the water evaporates and calcium carbonate salt deposits get left behind. So it’s the […]

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Sparking joy

13 March 2015
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I haven’t gotten around to the real meat of Marie Kondo‘s improbable bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (the tidying part, that is). But the real magic of the book is Kondo’s simple perspective: hold on to the things you love, or as is translated in the book, things that spark joy. And get […]

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Melon divination

5 August 2014
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A melon purchase is a commitment in a way that buying an apple, say, is not. A mealy apple can be philosophically tossed, but a mealy watermelon is a sloppy, head-shaking disposal project. Summer is the season to practice melon-picking skills, since your risk of getting a total dud is low. Even so, shipments vary […]

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Discovery Thursday (and my blogiversary!)

25 July 2013
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On tap this week – a kitchen hack, a hydrangea trick, a favorite bauble, a book recommendation and a music obsession. And it’s my blogiversary! Time for my annual celebration giveaway – in honor of our three years together, three of you lovely readers will win a prize: Customize a cool bauble of your own, […]

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Life hack: Unburdening your iPhone/iPad

29 June 2013
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Your iPhone or iPad may be calling out for help. Is it sluggish? Does the battery drain even when you haven’t been using the device? Do apps close before they’ve even launched? Here’s a little secret with iPhones and iPads: When you close apps, they don’t really shut down – they just go into a […]

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