Field trip: Hog Island Oysters & Cowgirl Creamery

10 December 2013
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My fascination with how things are made dates back to Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood. As a child, I liked Mr McFeeley the friendly postman, and the trolley ding-dinging to the Land of Make Believe. But for me the highlights of the show were the factory tours Mr Rogers played on Picture Picture, brief but enthralling reels […]

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NYC, baby!

13 November 2013
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I think I’ll always feel 25 when I come to New York City. I came here at 18 for college and didn’t leave for good until I was pregnant with my first child at 29. Back solo for the first time in years, I am breathing in energy. This is the place of my heart. […]

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White Turkey Drive-In (and a black cow recipe)

26 September 2013
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A staple in the 1950s landscape, the American root beer stand is near extinction. This summer on our Niagara Falls road trip, we were charmed to discover an original – the White Turkey Drive-In, virtually unchanged since its founding over 60 years in the town of Conneaut, Ohio, off I-90 near the Pennsylvania border. An […]

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Niagara Falls

23 September 2013
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Niagara Falls is a five hour drive from central Ohio, but it never occurred to us to make the trip until friends of ours came all the way from London to go there. Attractions in your own backyard never have the allure of distant ones, so sometimes it takes the enthusiasm of outsiders to give […]

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22 July 2013
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After years of promising friends a visit, I finally took a road trip to Nashville with my perfect husband, leaving the kids in Columbus for two nights. I’m used to California, which goes on for days, so it struck me as funny that we could leave solidly Midwestern Ohio at lunchtime and be in the […]

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18 June 2013
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It’s not vacation when we come to Ohio – it’s normal life transplanted – but it feels different here. California is dry with reliably sunny blue skies; Ohio is intensely green and the weather wildly variable. In crowded Silicon Valley we would have signed up kids for summer activities in January; in low-key Columbus we […]

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Sailing with Mickey

18 April 2013
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A week on board taught me why even adult travelers without kids go on Disney cruises and why Disney cruises are so much more expensive: it’s a real luxury travel experience. Who’d have thought? It’s not a natural assumption to think that a boat packed with amped-up kids would demand a Four Seasons-like focus on […]

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Remembering bread

15 February 2013
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I have a beef with Starbucks, and it’s not about coffee – I’m a tea drinker – it’s about bread. My favorite bread, an old-school, Poilane-like whole wheat levain called pain Pascal at Trader Joe’s, has disappeared, and it turns out Starbucks is responsible for taking away one of the few breads I feel entirely […]

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4 January 2013
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Columbus, Ohio is a surprisingly great town for food. Ohio is one of the most diverse states in the Midwest, and the Ohio State University, third largest university in enrollment in the country, draws students and faculty from around the world. This is a city that appreciates and supports its food culture, from a lively […]

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My friend Faith

13 October 2011
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It’s been a strange, volatile week, starting high, plunging low and ending with the realization that most everything is a high compared to the lows that could be. The week began last Thursday with a rare and exciting treat: lunch with a new friend, the lovely, curious Faith Durand, Managing Editor extraordinaire of my favorite […]

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