When you get there

12 January 2015 Brain food
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Across the finish line, I’m a little unsteady on my feet in the silence. The youngest of my kids started kindergarten, and the oldest just entered his teens. Our endless house project is at last over, three and a half years after it began. I thought the decade of my 20s was the rat race […]

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Riding the waves

1 April 2014 Food
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I was brooding yesterday morning, thinking how the 30s had been filled with weddings and babies, while the 40s seem to be a time of illness, funerals and rocky relationships. I’m grateful to be standing now, but my heart aches as I reach out to loved ones who have had a fall. And just as […]

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20 January 2014 Getting older
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For all the months that breeze by in a wave of momentum, January is one that takes extra effort. It’s the law of inertia – a body in motion wants to stay in motion; a body at rest wants to stay at rest. I hurtle through December like a bullet train, then screech to a […]

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Discovery Friday

6 September 2013 Brain food
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This week, I found the yin to all the Lean In yang – in the story of Bill Watterson. Remember Calvin and Hobbes, the iconic cartoon strip? Bill Watterson is the artist who had a blazing 10-year run from 1985-1995, abruptly closing shop at the height of his mega-success and quietly retiring back to his […]

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The future of restaurant food: Silicon Valley cafeterias?

9 May 2013 Brain food
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What would restaurant food look like if chefs actually cared about your long-term health? The restaurant standard of today, in which chefs don’t think twice about melting a stick of butter over your steak, worked in a time when dining out was reserved for special occasions. But in today’s world, where many eat out daily, […]

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Healthy new year

14 January 2013 Brain food
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Good news for food lovers from 2012: starving yourself will not make you live longer. All those calorie-restrictive diets that increased life expectancy of lab rats by 30 to 40 percent? It turns out the concept doesn’t extend to primates. I’m sure some people (the intentionally-starving ones) might have found this news disappointing. But to […]

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Two years old

20 July 2012 Thoughts
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Funny as it sounds, Chinese Grandma is two years old. This time last year I was really excited that I’d logged 100 posts during my first year, sharing my go-to recipes, favorite gift ideas and the chinese grandma philosophy of communal life wisdom. Last year was a tough one for me personally, and as a […]

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My dad

10 May 2012 Brain food
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Seven months after my dad’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis, he is gone, after the kind of week for which the word anguish exists. I flew out to California last Monday with my two girls for a weeklong visit, and he was fine. Chemotherapy had failed him, but he was feeling better without its toxic effects. Suddenly […]

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25 January 2012 Getting older
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My friends and I turn 40 this year. I’m ok with this. We have lost some exuberance of youth, but we have also shed the anxiety of beginners. Volatile years finding our way with careers, relationships and new parenthood have given way to a more relaxed confidence. We’ve learned who we are. We’ve become real […]

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My friend Faith

13 October 2011 Columbus, OH
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It’s been a strange, volatile week, starting high, plunging low and ending with the realization that most everything is a high compared to the lows that could be. The week began last Thursday with a rare and exciting treat: lunch with a new friend, the lovely, curious Faith Durand, Managing Editor extraordinaire of my favorite […]

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