Yogurt at home

29 August 2014
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If you don’t make yogurt at home, you may wonder why anyone does. Sure it’s cheaper, but yogurt is not expensive and you’re probably not eating enough to care. For me it’s the taste (pure and natural), the health benefits (DIY probiotics) and the digestibility (low/no lactose). You can’t buy the equivalent at the store […]

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Chopped taco salad

9 July 2014
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At the end of our friends’ visit to Ohio last summer, Paul left wistful for more pie, and Venus dreamed of Jeni’s ice cream. This year they came again for a longer stay, and we indulged in so much pie and Jeni’s that by the end, the only food they wanted more of was this […]

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Getaway beef (hello Vegas)

2 June 2014
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It’s never easy to get away when you have mouths to feed and people to care for, but it seems to me if you leave them with heaps of food, they notice you being gone a little less. I didn’t win the Saveur award or the free trip to the award dinner in Las Vegas […]

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Breakfast of Hawaiians (rice, egg, Portuguese sausage) – and a wander through Hawaii eats

18 April 2014
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Is it too mean to write about spring break in Hawaii when it snowed again in Ohio this week? I’m not here to wax lyrical about the sand (soft and powdery), or the sea (warm and iridescent turquoise), or the air (marvelously dewy). The beach is the beach – but Hawaiian food is its own […]

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Chicken Marbella revival

30 December 2013
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When you have 87-year-olds over for dinner, even hip and cool 87-year-olds like our family friend Bob, it doesn’t seem right to serve quinoa for dinner. So this weekend I broke out some old-school favorites that wouldn’t require explanation in a buffet line: roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, wild rice salad, warm lemon-dijon potato […]

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Kettle corn

16 August 2013
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I’m always tempted by the kettle corn in giant bags at fairs or farmers markets, especially when it’s made fresh from a giant cast-iron kettle. I rarely buy any, thinking it’s silly to pay several dollars for something that is pennies to make on my own. But then I never make it. This summer I […]

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Quinoa with sweet potatoes, red pepper and feta

5 August 2013
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It’s summer, but sweet potatoes are a dream pairing for a quinoa salad. Harvested after a long, warm growing season, sweet potatoes are associated with fall and Thanksgiving here in the United States. But in the tropics, sweet potatoes are a year-round staple, a cultivated crop as ancient as quinoa. In this combo, the soft […]

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Broccoli salad with Greek yogurt, cranberries and almonds

2 July 2013
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The Hawaiians have a great expression – “calabash cousins” – for longtime friends that are like family. The Hawaiian expression comes from a hard gourd, a calabash, which halved and dried can be used as a large serving bowl for shared family-style dinners. It’s a very Asian concept: in a Chinese family you might call […]

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Quinoa with roasted vegetables

5 October 2012
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I’m not one for trends, food or otherwise, so it took me a while to bring quinoa (“keen-wah”) into my kitchen. But now I’ve developed a real fondness for this crunchy little pseudo-grain with a funny tail. It’s easy to make, versatile, keeps well and satisfies the increasing number of friends I know who are […]

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Taco salad

29 June 2012
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Aside from being a happily addictive way to enjoy a huge bowl of vegetables, this taco salad is the ideal antidote to an overindulgent taco night. Even though we’ve gone lighter and healthier on taco filling by doing away with the seasoning packet and using ground turkey, it’s still easy to go overboard with rich […]

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