Lentil soup with andouille sausage

1 February 2016 Food
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I’m warming my hands today in the fantasy bonfire I’ve lit to burn the January page I ripped off my imaginary wall calendar. I suppose it’s the jolt of another year gone by, plus my blasted birthday, but January invariably hits me like an avalanche of Mondays. Ooof. But good or bad, moods come and […]

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Baked pasta (cheater lasagna)

22 January 2016 Food
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It’s not sexy food, but done right, baked pasta is cheesy, meaty, tomatoey contentment. A good baked pasta communicates caring – soothing tastebuds, filling tummies, and showing love with warmth and abundance. It’s just what I want to be eating on a cold winter’s night, and everyone loves it just as much for lunch the […]

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Thai red curry with sweet potatoes

8 January 2016 Asian
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Cozy warm and coconut-creamy, this Thai curry is a dish to fend off the chilly drab of January. Heavy on veg and lighter on protein, it fits that new year’s resolution to eat more healthfully. A comforting bowl to tuck into while you’re catching up on all the work you put off in December, it’s […]

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Soft ginger cookies

4 December 2015 Food
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I want to love Christmas, I really do – the family time, the festive anticipation, the nostalgic songs, the cozy glow. But I want the Little House on the Prairie version, where we make maple candy in fresh snow, and everyone is overjoyed with a peppermint stick and a fresh orange in the toe of […]

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Caramel dip for apples

30 October 2015 Food
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If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we’re good for the next month with the dozens of apples we’ve been eating this week dunked in caramel dip. Set out a dish of gooey caramel, with flaky sea salt or chopped salted peanuts on top, and the apple cores pile up quickly. I’m not […]

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Buttermilk cornbread

30 October 2015 Food
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It’s Halloween tomorrow, and I have two recipes to share: the perfect cornbread (because chili and cornbread is such a perfect pre-trick-or-treating meal) and caramel dip for fall’s fresh apples. Cornbread first, because dinner before dessert. Often cornbread has a slightly off taste, and it’s almost always because the baking soda or baking powder amount […]

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Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

16 October 2015 Food
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Of all the sweet indulgences – ice cream, chocolate, doughnuts – the hardest for me to do without are baked goods. Baking is what got me into the kitchen in the first place, as a sweet-toothed kid with a mom who cooked brilliantly but baked only with Bisquick. In my past five weeks of sugar/wheat/rice […]

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24 September 2015 Food
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I think the best way to describe pavlova, beloved dessert of Australia and New Zealand, is part cake, part cloud – a thick layer of whipped cream over a round bed of meringue, crackly sweet on the outside, soft and marshmallowy inside, with fresh fruit scattered over it all. It feels like cake, but it […]

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Oktoberfest Obatzda (Bavarian cheese spread)

11 September 2015 Food
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There’s no shortage of Oktoberfest celebrations in the United States – self-declared Germans are the highest-ranked ancestry group in the country, at 17% of the US population – and starting next week millions of Americans will be partying like it’s Bavaria, with beer, sausages, sauerkraut, warm potato salad and big soft pretzels. But we in […]

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Honey (or maple) fried ham

3 September 2015 Breakfast
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My 9-year old discovered ham this summer. He won’t venture out of his safe island of starchy food at home, but lo and behold he came home from his cousins’ house raving about newly discovered exotica…ham sandwiches! Suddenly ham is the best thing ever. I never used to buy ham – there are a million […]

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