Buying a turkey

13 November 2012
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Thanksgiving is early this year – November 22 is the earliest possible date for the fourth Thursday of November – and I have some serious catching up to do. If I were a real food blogger, I would have cooked Thanksgiving in July so I could have rolled out a series of turkey day specials […]

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Chinese mini meatballs

28 September 2012
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There’s a whole genre of Chinese cooking involving ground meat – dumplings, won tons, steamed meat buns – that is full of juicy bite-sized goodness but is also preparation intensive. These cute little Chinese meatballs do away with the laborious wrapping of all those nuggets of filling and feature the meat for what it is […]

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Taco salad

29 June 2012
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Aside from being a happily addictive way to enjoy a huge bowl of vegetables, this taco salad is the ideal antidote to an overindulgent taco night. Even though we’ve gone lighter and healthier on taco filling by doing away with the seasoning packet and using ground turkey, it’s still easy to go overboard with rich […]

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Taco night

22 June 2012
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In my house, we don’t entertain, we just have people over. And I treat it like a huge family meal, which it always is – real family and our family of close friends. I cook the same as I would for our family of six (just two or three or four times of it), set […]

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Greek grilled chicken

30 May 2012
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I find it hard to think about food in 90 degree heat, so last Sunday morning I still had no plan for my six-year-old’s belated birthday dinner that night. The birthday boy had requested hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, so the kids were set. For the rest of us, I decided cool was the […]

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Sloppy joes with ground turkey

4 November 2011
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Depending on your memories, sloppy joes are either childhood comfort food or the stuff of scary cafeteria meals past. I have to admit they hold a retro charm for me, and as an added bonus they’re a hit with kids. My ground-turkey version is lighter than the traditional beef, and it’s also free of the […]

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Crunchy curry chicken salad

21 October 2011
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To me there’s one problem with most chicken salads: too much chicken. Plain old chicken and mayonnaise seems like a lost opportunity when instead you could add in fruit, nuts and spice have something crunchy, savory, sweet, nutty, creamy and tastebud-tingly. In my house, curry chicken salad makes leftover chicken a reason for celebration. The […]

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Turkey meatloaf

7 September 2011
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It may be a homely dish, but there is something charmingly comforting about meatloaf. I never thought i’d grow up to be a fan – I’m not a big meat eater, and I’ve always had an unsettled suspicion about ground beef. But this Barefoot Contessa recipe using ground turkey has become a staple in my […]

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Mom’s barbecue chicken

31 August 2011
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To many immigrant families, fusion cuisine is not a restaurant trend, it’s what’s served at home. Immigrants bring food tastes and memories from their old home country and combine them with available ingredients in their new home country. Sometimes they create faithful reproductions of traditional cuisine, but sometimes – as in the case of my […]

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Penne with tomato sausage sauce

2 March 2011
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To me the best recipes are brilliantly simple, like this favorite from my culinary heroes, Ruth Rogers and the late Rose Gray of London’s famed River Cafe. It seems like so many other recipes – tomato, sausage, onion, pasta – but the fresh rosemary, the aromatic bay leaf, the well-cooked crumbled sausage and the touch […]

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