Kale, quinoa and apple salad

13 September 2013
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Today’s salad may strike you as so 2010 (kale! quinoa!). But trends aside, this salad works great as a potluck offering: sturdy kale holds up well over several hours, the light nuttiness of quinoa complements the dark earthiness of the greens, and a fresh fall apple adds a sweet crunch to balance kale’s slight bitterness. […]

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Quinoa with sweet potatoes, red pepper and feta

5 August 2013
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It’s summer, but sweet potatoes are a dream pairing for a quinoa salad. Harvested after a long, warm growing season, sweet potatoes are associated with fall and Thanksgiving here in the United States. But in the tropics, sweet potatoes are a year-round staple, a cultivated crop as ancient as quinoa. In this combo, the soft […]

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Broccoli salad with Greek yogurt, cranberries and almonds

2 July 2013
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The Hawaiians have a great expression – “calabash cousins” – for longtime friends that are like family. The Hawaiian expression comes from a hard gourd, a calabash, which halved and dried can be used as a large serving bowl for shared family-style dinners. It’s a very Asian concept: in a Chinese family you might call […]

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New potato and asparagus salad with lemon-dijon dressing

3 May 2013
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We’re having a heat wave in northern California, and it’s got me thinking about summer food. This potato salad, which I love warm or cold, is a dish you will want to remember for summertime entertaining. No mayonnaise or dairy involved, it’s a fresher take on potato salad that can endure the heat. And when […]

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Northstar Café salad

23 January 2013
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All restaurants have salads, but very few have good ones. Maybe it’s the low expectations: plenty of people would send back a disappointing appetizer, or main dish, or dessert, but no one sends back a salad for being limp, overdressed, or uninteresting. With so much creative talent in restaurant kitchens, too little of it makes […]

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Quinoa with roasted vegetables

5 October 2012
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I’m not one for trends, food or otherwise, so it took me a while to bring quinoa (“keen-wah”) into my kitchen. But now I’ve developed a real fondness for this crunchy little pseudo-grain with a funny tail. It’s easy to make, versatile, keeps well and satisfies the increasing number of friends I know who are […]

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Breakfast-for-dinner salad

5 September 2012
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It’s the sounds, not the clock, that tell me when it’s time to get dinner on the table. The creak of cabinet doors opening and the firm slam of them shut. The suction release of the refrigerator door tugged, then the electric hum as its contents are casually contemplated, with no regard for the cold […]

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Homemade croutons

20 July 2012
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My 10-year-old salt fiend of a son loves to grab a bag of croutons out of his grandma’s cupboard and eat the whole thing. I dislike the idea – low-quality bread doctored up with cheap oils, excessive salt, MSG, fake butter flavor – but I do understand the crunchy appeal of croutons. So he and […]

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Shaved zucchini and parmesan salad

3 July 2012
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July is a good time to enjoy young zucchini, before it becomes a overgrown burden come August. Zucchini (aka courgette in much of the world) is a versatile cooked vegetable – grilled, sauteed, shredded, stuffed. With its subtle taste and texture, zucchini is a useful partner in both savory dishes and baked treats. Rarely do […]

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Taco salad

29 June 2012
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Aside from being a happily addictive way to enjoy a huge bowl of vegetables, this taco salad is the ideal antidote to an overindulgent taco night. Even though we’ve gone lighter and healthier on taco filling by doing away with the seasoning packet and using ground turkey, it’s still easy to go overboard with rich […]

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