Apple snacking cake

13 February 2014 Food
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It’s been quite a week, my friends. I’m digging into my Mary Poppins bag of tricks and pulling it all out: perspective, persistence, love, gratitude, humor – thank God for humor – and cake. I made this cake three times in January for birthdays and other gatherings, and the reaction in my house was never […]

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Shredded kale and brussels sprout salad

4 February 2014 Food
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You don’t have to like kale or brussels sprouts to like this salad – you don’t even have to use kale or brussels sprouts. This one is all about the dressing, a Caesar-like lemon-Pecorino-garlic mix that would even make shredded weeds mighty tasty. Aside from the killer dressing, I love the shredded greens in this […]

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30 January 2014 Food
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There’s isn’t much that can cheer deflated San Francisco 49er fans on this wistful Super Bowl Sunday, but I thought this snack might ply a little smile of nostalgia from local natives – the bygone pizza-potato from Menlo Park’s own Round Table Pizza. Round Table isn’t one of those Wolfgang Puck-style, avocado-goat-cheese California pizzas, it’s […]

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Fresh grapefruit tonic

23 January 2014 Beverages
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This refresher is a crisp palate cleanser for January: citrusy, aromatic, gently fizzy, pleasantly bitter and lightly sweet. A drab time of year for most fruit, winter is the time to drink in citrus in its juicy prime. As much as I love the uncomplicated sweetness of oranges and tangerines, the intriguing edge of grapefruit […]

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20 January 2014 Getting older
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For all the months that breeze by in a wave of momentum, January is one that takes extra effort. It’s the law of inertia – a body in motion wants to stay in motion; a body at rest wants to stay at rest. I hurtle through December like a bullet train, then screech to a […]

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Wild rice confetti salad

10 January 2014 Food
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So many exciting grains have hit the market in recent years that I had forgotten about one of my favorite dishes, this deeply colorful wild rice salad. Subtly packed with vegetables – finely chopped to blend in with the glossy dark kernels – with the added crunch of almonds and sweetness of dried cranberries, this […]

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Chicken Marbella revival

30 December 2013 Chicken/poultry
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When you have 87-year-olds over for dinner, even hip and cool 87-year-olds like our family friend Bob, it doesn’t seem right to serve quinoa for dinner. So this weekend I broke out some old-school favorites that wouldn’t require explanation in a buffet line: roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, wild rice salad, warm lemon-dijon potato […]

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Pear torte

20 December 2013 Food
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With Christmas so soon after Thanksgiving this year, I’m all for shortcuts. This pear torte, winter’s variation on Marian Burros’s justifiably famous plum torte, is just the ticket this holiday season. A moist, tender cake topped with soft pears and a sparkle of sugar, it’s a winner dessert: easy but impressively pretty, buttery but not […]

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Christmas colcannon

17 December 2013 Food
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It’s hit-and-miss with our annual potato dish for Christmas dinner. In ambitious years I try something new, like Ruth Reichl’s gratin dauphinois (not such a hit, but it made good leftover soup). In lazy years we bake whole potatoes and have everyone load them up as they like. But this year, colcannon – mashed potatoes […]

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TEDWomen 2013

13 December 2013 Brain food
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When TED held the first TEDWomen conference in 2010, the idea raised a lot of grumbly questions. Is it for women only? By women only? Women attend the regular TED conference, so what is the point? The TED organization and its TEDWomen partner, the Paley Center, stood firm: it was an idea they thought worth […]

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