Christmas colcannon

17 December 2013
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It’s hit-and-miss with our annual potato dish for Christmas dinner. In ambitious years I try something new, like Ruth Reichl’s gratin dauphinois (not such a hit, but it made good leftover soup). In lazy years we bake whole potatoes and have everyone load them up as they like. But this year, colcannon – mashed potatoes […]

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Cornbread stuffing with sausage and apples

21 November 2013
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I’ve never had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, unless you count my honeymoon, on which my husband and I had our Thanksgiving meal at Round Table Pizza in Bali (weird but true) before flying home to feast on my mom’s glorious leftovers. The adventure of putting the meal together – always a shared effort, never […]

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Cranberry tea

29 November 2012
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There was something familiar about the ruby, warming cranberry tea my little brother made for Thanksgiving. As I sipped it, I could picture it being made – fresh cranberries simmering in water with cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange and lemon juice. For an instant I imagined I’d developed magical culinary insight. My brother looked at me […]

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Pecan pie, no corn syrup

19 November 2012
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I love pies and pecans, but I was always wary of pecan pies. Why the gelatinous goo? Why the impenetrable layer of nuts that squishes the goo when you try to break through? Why pile such deliciously buttery nuts atop corn syrup jelly? But then I tasted my friend Jenny’s pecan pie. Jenny’s pie – […]

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Thanksgiving meal planning

15 November 2012
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Thanksgiving, with its focus on gratitude and an generous meal with loved ones, is easily my favorite holiday of the year. In contrast with the frenzied, materialistic rush that Christmas has become, Thanksgiving is a day to slow down and be grateful for all that we have (at least until Black Friday sales start at […]

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Buying a turkey

13 November 2012
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Thanksgiving is early this year – November 22 is the earliest possible date for the fourth Thursday of November – and I have some serious catching up to do. If I were a real food blogger, I would have cooked Thanksgiving in July so I could have rolled out a series of turkey day specials […]

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Kale salad with cranberries and toasted walnuts

6 March 2012
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The best way for me to keep up my vegetable intake is to make a big batch that lasts for several meals. In the wintertime, roasted vegetables fit the bill handily. But by March I’m ready for a fresher taste. Salad greens are sad this time of year, but kale – a dark leafy green […]

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Alice Waters’s carrot soup

1 February 2012
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It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be interesting, or delectable, or surprising: carrot soup, made simply with onion, broth, a bit of thyme and a whole lot of carrots. No ginger, curry or any of your typical carrot soup dress-me-ups. Alice Waters is bold enough to leave humble carrots to stand on their own. […]

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Heidi’s celery salt

22 November 2011
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A tip for this Thanksgiving: save your celery leaves. Instead of discarding these humble scraps, you can save them to make a jar of homemade celery salt that will add a delightfully light, herby flavor to soups, salads, eggs, seafood and anything else you like for months to come. I saw this recipe from the […]

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Chinese green beans

19 November 2011
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Chinese green beans may not seem like the most obviously perfect dish for Thanksgiving, but these really are. At a table laden with buttery bread stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes, lightly seasoned crisp-tender string beans make so much more sense than a heavy green bean casserole. My mom is famous for these […]

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