Lemon blueberry coffee cake with crumb topping

30 March 2018
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Oprah Winfrey may eat this coffee cake. Right now, she might be at her Santa Barbara home, sitting on her shaded patio with a big mug of hot coffee and a square of this coffee cake, dotted with sweet pops of blueberry and scented with Meyer lemon just picked from her yard. How great to […]

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Chocolate chip cookie cake

27 April 2017
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Instead of birthday cake, my boys love a giant chocolate chip cookie cake. Their friends always love it too, but I’m never satisfied with the recipe. Like the oversized cookie that it is, its edges are golden and crispy all around, while the center is soft and gooey. In a regular cookie, you get all […]

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Pumpkin bread with chocolate

16 November 2016
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I have a beef with pumpkin breads that aren’t pumpkiny. A drier bread makes for easy cutting and tidy presentation, but the pumpkin bread I want to eat is a little soft, with big sticky crumbs, and super rich with pumpkin flavor. In Ohio we live for pumpkin bread, from a little bakery called Beehive […]

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The best yellow birthday cake

26 October 2016
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I’ve had a best chocolate cake recipe forever – easy and reliably fantastic – but it took years of trying before I finally found the perfect yellow cake. When we lived in Ohio with my husband’s side of the family, chocolate was the only cake we ever needed. But in California, my Chinese family likes […]

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Matterhorn macaroons (and a belated 6th blogiversary giveaway)

31 August 2016
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Coconut macaroons are a humble cookie compared to their French macaron cousins: one pale and bumpy with shredded coconut, the other smooth with finely ground almond, two delicate pastel-tinted rounds sandwiching a creamy center. But there’s a down-home charm to the unassuming coconut macaroon, and a deeply satisfying chew from the rich, dense pile of […]

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Soft ginger cookies

4 December 2015
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I want to love Christmas, I really do – the family time, the festive anticipation, the nostalgic songs, the cozy glow. But I want the Little House on the Prairie version, where we make maple candy in fresh snow, and everyone is overjoyed with a peppermint stick and a fresh orange in the toe of […]

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Caramel dip for apples

30 October 2015
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If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we’re good for the next month with the dozens of apples we’ve been eating this week dunked in caramel dip. Set out a dish of gooey caramel, with flaky sea salt or chopped salted peanuts on top, and the apple cores pile up quickly. I’m not […]

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Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

16 October 2015
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Of all the sweet indulgences – ice cream, chocolate, doughnuts – the hardest for me to do without are baked goods. Baking is what got me into the kitchen in the first place, as a sweet-toothed kid with a mom who cooked brilliantly but baked only with Bisquick. In my past five weeks of sugar/wheat/rice […]

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24 September 2015
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I think the best way to describe pavlova, beloved dessert of Australia and New Zealand, is part cake, part cloud – a thick layer of whipped cream over a round bed of meringue, crackly sweet on the outside, soft and marshmallowy inside, with fresh fruit scattered over it all. It feels like cake, but it […]

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Summer blueberry cake (and a blogiversary giveaway)

24 July 2015
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I’m celebrating today – five years here at chinese grandma. 5! A full handful of years. We’ve had good eats together, made discoveries, wondered and laughed. I’ve had exiting moments in this blogging adventure – the Kitchn!, Saveur! – and it’s been a joy share with you here and have you share back with me. […]

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